Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine.
Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine.

Christmas Time, Mistletoe
and Wine.


Christmas is a funny old time of year.  As with most religious festivals, the majority of us have forgotten what the festival is truly about and now see it as a time to spend with the family; giving presents, eating and drinking.  Oh, and trying to do a bit of relaxation between all of this.

After months of preparation, sending out Christmas cards to people you don’t speak to throughout the rest of the year, spending too much money on presents, often on things we are not 100% sure will be enjoyed hoping that you won’t see them on eBay before the New Year.  Most families are guilty when buying way too much food which we endeavour to eat with a good dose of indigestion to round the festivities off.  However, the last few years have been blighted with Swine Flu and the Nora Virus with probably
the one who is suffering struggling with the cooking only to turn green from the sight of mounds of food on the table and the aroma of the Brussels Sprouts.  But, hey, we can do it all again next year, we say to ourselves.

So, why do we do it?

How many times have we heard ourselves and others say it?

“It’s for the kids.”

“It’s important to be able to give.”

“I love to see the look on their faces when they open the presents.”

Yes, as long as you have read their list to Santa you will have that thrill.  I must admit I used to
love that with mine when they were little; sitting on the floor surrounded by wrapping paper and the dog buried somewhere underneath it all.  The fun the children have writing their Christmas list to Santa so he knows exactly what to send them and leaving the list at the fire place and miraculously a reply a few days later.  The screams of joy when the open the envelope
and reading how pleased Santa is to receive a letter from them. Then of course the presents magically materialise under the tree after they have gone to sleep on Christmas Eve or the early hours of Christmas Morning.  Then of course being woken up at 4am to
screams of joy after only a few hours of sleep to see ‘The Presents’.  After you have spent hours struggling to get their new bikes wrapped with only two hands when ideally a few dozen would have been far more productive, with laughter from Mr. Hoff and,

“You were the one who insisted they needed wrapping.”

And of course the kids new exactly what it was without even having to unwrap them.

But, isn’t it magical how Santa got them down the chimney without ripping the paper.


Then one day without any warning one of your children say,

“Mum, is there really such a thing as Santa?”  A million dollar question, can I try and keep this going any longer? She was 10 years old, imaginative and artistic but she was obviously having doubts.

I can remember exactly what we were doing and what time of year it was.

“Hum.  Pete (my down to earth then 9 year old), what do you think about Santa?”

“Oh, I’ve known there was no Santa since I was about 5 years old because it was your hand writing on the gift tags.”

It was said as simply as that.  I don’t think I was too upset but I was impressed;

  1. My daughter, for keeping the magic of Santa going for all that time.
  2. My son, for using his logical thinking skills to put it all into perspective.

My new task is how to get the magic of Christmas back into our family life.


Have fun this Christmas whatever you are planning and I hope you avoid the traditional Christmas virus and enjoy eating your Brussel Sprouts.

Oh and don’t lose the dog!

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