Unwanted Baggage.
Unwanted Baggage.

Unwanted Baggage.

There is good and bad baggage and we are all going to have different ways of looking at it.  For me, great baggage is equal to great memories, fun times, holidays, great feelings of calmness, love, happiness, and contentment but also some feelings of sadness of people or things now missing from my life because of the joy they once gave me.  So what makes up not such good baggage? Perhaps an argument, disagreement, bad memories, difficult situations, deep longing for something or someone you cannot have any longer, something that was said by
others that are difficult to fold up and pack away?  These heavy feelings, words or even actions can go back years and can be weighing you down because you just can’t throw them away.  Sometimes we have regrets of how we dealt
with a situation of what you said, or not addressing something all those years ago.  So, what do you do, let it pray on your mind, carrying it around on your shoulders letting it weigh you down?  The problem is with all that weight on your shoulders it is going to give you backache as well as a huge burden which is not good for you or the people around you.  The burden of this baggage can only be hidden for a time and will eventually show itself in some form or another to the outside world.

Imagine just for a minute, (Set the stop watch now and time yourself), what it would be like to get rid of that

What image do you get? 

I got a feeling of weightlessness, a lighter heart and a nice feeling in my chest and a little bit of nervousness to
top it off like a luxury dessert with a cherry on the top.

One of my old bosses, must have noticed that I was struggling with the baggage of our job and one night walking
out of work together said to me,
“I never take my work home with me.  I put all the difficult ‘stuff’
that’s weighing on my mind in a box and leave it at the door and don’t think about it until I pass through this door again in the morning.”

My immediate reaction was, how do you put all the ‘stuff’ that’s in your head into a box and what concerned me more was about turning into someone who was uncaring and heartless.  Perhaps I am a slow learner but it took me years to work it out.  BUT, once I worked out my system it was brilliant.  The reason it took me so long was because I was using the wrong sort of box.  It started off as a standard box made of cardboard.  This was adequate because the flaps of the top of the box kept lifting up as my ‘stuff’ was trying to get out.  I progressed onto taping it down with parcel tape but even though the flaps weren’t lifting up the ’stuff’ was still desperate to get out and I could see the top of the box heaving up which troubled me.  I then began sitting on it but then realised I was still attracted to the ’stuff’ by being so close to it and was still not in control of it.  I decided I had to start getting tough with this.

How could I make this box stronger? 

Steel, that’s strong and heavy.  So I began transferring my ‘stuff’ into this new silvery, shiny steel box but decided I wasn’t going to be nice any longer so attached steel loops on the  top rim so that I could slide a steel bar across the top and add padlocks.  If this did not work I was going to be in serious trouble.  Gradually I could see myself transferring my ‘stuff’ and going through the process of flipping the sides down, then sliding the steel bar threw the loops and then the padlocks.  Every so often the ‘stuff’ tries to seep out like an odour or a vapour but I just tell it to go away and get back in its box because I don’t want it draping itself on my shoulders and weighing me down any longer.

 I had now started to gain control.  This makes me sound like a bit of a control freak but it has to be done to be able to move forwards.

It is the beginning of a new year so it is an ideal time to start the year off as you mean to go on by controlling
your ‘stuff’ so you can live 2012 in the way you would really like to.

What does your box look like?

What do you tell your ‘stuff’ to do?


Good luck with getting in control and live 2012 as the real you.

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