Quick Fix Holidays To Beat The Stress
Quick Fix Holidays To Beat The Stress

How many times have you been tempted to book a holiday because you’re feeling ‘so stressed’?

We all need a break, a chance to put ourselves in a different environment, unwind, relax, have fun, and see new and exciting things.  We are all guilty of the quick fix holiday from time to time but what is the result of running away from the stress?

  1. The holiday will be booked in a rush and you will be going away unprepared.
  2. It will take longer than several days to unwind and truly feel relaxed.
  3. Nearer the end of the holiday you will already be thinking about life back at home. Most likely you will be thinking about the work load waiting for you, the piles of washing, the length of the lawn and the relationship issues at work.
  4. Perhaps feeling guilty because you couldn’t really afford to have taken the quick fix holiday and the ‘What the hell! I don’t care how much it costs!’ attitude is now playing on your mind.
  5. Half way through your first week back at work, someone will ask you if you had a good holiday and you will be struggling to remember which holiday they are talking about because you are back to being stressed out just like you were before.

If you recognise these thoughts then I’m afraid there is no way round it but to challenge the stress and start getting them in order.  If not, the stress is going to keep piling up and eventually this pile of ‘stuff’ is going to topple over and crush you under the pressure.

Getting the stress under control.

Here are a series of questions that will help you to start finding out how you can start to get the stress under control.

  1. The triggers – what’s making you stressed out?
  2. What are the symptoms you are experiencing?
  3. How are these triggers benefiting you and why?
  4. What triggers can you remove from your life today which would make life better for you?
  5. There are some triggers you won’t be able to remove such as difficult co-workers, a difficult boss, difficult neighbours, elderly parents, ex-partners. How would you like to manage these situations more effectively?
  6. What support do you need to be able to manage them more effectively?


Once you have answered these questions you’re in a clearer position to be able to take control of your stress management.

Pick one trigger at a time and plan how you are going to work through it in bite sized pieces.

With these questions answered, your plan and with the ball now rolling for your stress management, is the ideal time to start investigating a holiday as a reward for facing the challenge of your stress.  You are going to be in a far stronger position to be able to truly enjoy the holiday and keep the stress levels down knowing that you will be in control when you return.  This will enable you to enjoy every last minute of your holiday.

If you would like support to kick that stress out then book a 30 minute FREE Stress Buster session with Catherine Lloyd by messaging at:


and begin being your stress less self.





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