Help Your Unheard Self Be Heard

How often do you really hear what you’re saying to yourself? Have you ever thought about helping your unheard self be hear? “I can hear myself just fine thank you.  I hear myself all day long chattering away to myself in the background.”   Yo...

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Emotions...     ...are great to have when you feel in control but can be hard to handle when we aren’t managing them as well as we would have liked. The thing is, emotions let us know what is important to us and triggers our behaviours. As we grow up we b...

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Only One Week Till Christmas

Only a week till Christmas and I hope you’ve nearly finalised all your arrangements. We can plan, prepare and think we have everything in place ready for a great season of good will to all men. A merry, merry Christmas I just wanted to share something with you. I...

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The Breathing Secret

Breathing?What’s so secret about that, you might be thinking, I do it automatically?Yes, we do, and as you know, our breathing alters when we’re asleep and during exercise.  Our breathing also alters when we are anxious, frightened, excited and during periods of concen...

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Happy International Day Of Happiness

Happy International Day Of Happiness Happiness comes in different guises for different people. Some are able to show it more easily then others, but the important point is knowing that we are happy within ourselves. My son told me a little story this morning. On Saturday w...

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Make The Change Today

The Sunshine Hub is a community platform for you to start finding your first step to a happier tomorrow. There are a selection of the resources, online courses, audios, videos and more. This hub is here for you to use as and when you need to. Take a look at the selection of free resources below to find out more and subscribe for free. This hub is here for you to use as and when you need to.