Love and Acceptance Relaxation Audio

Love and Acceptance Relaxation Audio

Love and Acceptance Relaxation


Taking time to relax can feel like too much of a luxury when you are busy and pushed for time.  However, learning how to give yourself permission and time to undertake some 'Me Time' and learn to relax gives huge benefits to how you:

  • Think
  • Feel
  • Build better relationships
  • Make decisions
  • Manage difficult situations
  • Strengthen confidence levels
  • General happiness in life
  • It will give you more energy 
  • Better sleep
  • Be more productive
  • Giving you more time to enjoy life


Allow yourself 20 minutes to get yourself comfortable and listen to the audio, follow the instructions and notice the difference in how you feel.


Please note, this relaxation audio is not suitable to listen to when driving or operating any machinery.


'We can all struggle at times to love and accept ourselves when we are thrown into periods of time that are full of anxieties, tensions and stress.  It is at times like these that we need to remind ourselves that we need to give ourselves a little break.  Look after ourselves, love and accept ourselves for who we are not what we think we should be.  After all, we are the most important person who can look after our self.  Nobody else can do this for us.  When we can look after our self we are in a far stronger position to then look after the other people we love in our lives.

This audio will last about 20 minutes.  Make sure you have at a hand a blanket in case you feel cold and a pillow to protect your head, neck and back.  Being comfortable will mean you can concentrate better.

Find a quite space and clear the area.  This could be the floor, the bed, the garden or even the beach.

Lie down on your back in a starfish shape, arms out to your side at shoulder height, palms up, and legs in a wide v shape, feet falling out, eyes closed.  Make sure you are warm, so cover yourself with a blanket if you need to.  If your back is uncomfortable then place a small cushion under your head.  Remember to be comfortable, this is your space and you deserve it be right for you.

Remember that the quality of this sense of space is the bringing of love and acceptance of your experience rather than a rejection of how things are for you.  You are not denying or constraining or changing your experience but observing what you find and giving it space.  Space without judgement, without striving for it to be anything other than how it is for you right now.

Ideally try and practice this every day.  As you practice this you will find you will become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and how you can acknowledge and accept them.  There will be days when this exercise will be easier than others.  This is quite normal.  Do not judge yourself for finding it hard. Go back to the basic exercise and you will soon be back on your journey of self-discovery and relaxation.'