Only One Week Till Christmas
Only One Week Till Christmas

Only a week till Christmas and I hope you’ve nearly finalised all your arrangements. We can plan, prepare and think we have everything in place ready for a great season of good will to all men.

A merry, merry Christmas
A merry, merry Christmas

I just wanted to share something with you. I am like any other Mother, looking forward to having my family back for a few weeks. My children coming home from University and the rest of my family coming together to celebrate the meaning of this season for us.

Last year I had planned and pulled off the perfect Christmas for my family, making sure everyone’s needs were met. My husband was chilled, my children, my parents, sister and Aunty and Uncles were also happy. We had a big family Christmas Eve meal with the full trimmings, everyone went home happy and a good time was had by all. Christmas Day meant we were all free to go about our day as we wished. Visiting, bike riding, walking relaxing and no pressures were brought on any of us.

This year my plans were all fixed in place, instead of eleven for Christmas Eve meal it was now thirteen, even better that my nephews are joining us, but, alas, uncertainty can be in the air and plans can change at a drop of a hat. My son, who is up Scotland at University, has been waiting for an operation on his shoulder for months and was finally been given a date. Brilliant, wonderful news, the operation will be done and then he can get himself fit and be ready for the 2016 season of enduro, mountain bike racing.

Date? Wednesday 23rd December.

“Oh. OK. Hum. How are we going to organise this then?”

I have to admit I really struggled with this because I was wanting to keep everyone happy and do the best for everyone. My husband thought we could manage it and be back in time to cook. My Uncle suggested, instead of a full sit down meal, to have a buffet style instead. A good suggestion. But it still wasn’t sitting well with me. With tongue in cheek, I even phoned my daughter and suggested that she could cook whilst we travelled back. As you can imagine I didn’t get a great response, especially as she will be in recovery after her best friend’s 21st Birthday party the night before.


My heart was saying, “Cath, this isn’t right, you really need to think about this carefully. What is REALLY the best solution?”

With everyone’s suggestions taken on board, I had to listen to my heart and go with the right thing and think about my son. After being operated on the day before and the journey back, with the best will in the world, he is not going to be feeling comfortable enough to having thirteen people crowded into our house for a season of good will to all men. If I continued to listen to my head instead of my heart, the perfect Christmas Eve meal would probably back fire and the good will to all men evaporate into thin air?

If your Christmas isn’t quite panning out as planned, what can you change about your thought processes?

What arrangements do you need to put in place to make your Christmas event closer to perfect?

Perfect on the outside might not be perfect on the inside. Sometimes we need to step outside of the situation, look at it from a different angle to find the perfect equation.

Have a fabulous Christmas.

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  • | Dec 21, 2019

    Hi Simo. It sounds like it was a nightmare. I remember when I was little and we had oven issues on Christmas day but my Mum came up trumps with tinned salmon and salad. I look back on that day with fondness and in a way excitement that we broke the rules a little. Have a smooth running Christmas this year.

  • | Dec 24, 2018

    24th December. Oven broke. Christmas not as planned? Understatement. Good luck to everyone else and remember, there's always next year xxx

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