New Years Resolution
New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution


Christmas has come and gone and 2011 is nearly upon us.  I don’t know about you but I was asked on the 16th December what my New Years Resolution was going to be.


The BIG questions are;

“What is your New Years Resolution?”


“What is it that you want to achieve this year?”


“What do you want to change in 2011?”

It is worth spending sometime thinking about it or even better writing a few ideas down before the last stroke of Big Ben on Friday night.


SO do you want to change?

Your job                                                                                  Get fitter

Lose weight                                                                            Start a new hobby

Develop a better relationship with someone

Make changes to your home

Gain more qualifications                                                        Climb a mountain

Canoe and river                                                                     Write a book

Run a marathon                                                                     Fly to the moon


Ok I might be getting a little over excited.


BUT what ever you want to achieve you need to know the purpose of this change or goal.

“In what way will this benefit you?”
”What will be different about you?”

“What will you look and feel like when you have reached this goal?”

“How will it affect the people around you, your family and friends?”

“What will these people be saying to you?”


The Next Step

How big is the change and by when?  If you do not set your goal as a SMART target you will never know whether you have achieved it or not.

            S – Specific

            M – Measurable

            A – Authentic

            R – Realistic

            T – Target driven


For example, if you want to lose weight, how much do you want to lose and by when?

You will need to assess where you are at the moment, therefore, you will need to weigh yourself.  Then you can decide exactly what you want to weigh on a specific date.

Once this is decided you can write your goal in a personal, positive and purposeful way.


“I will be 91/2 stone when I weigh myself on 31st March 2011”


Help and Support

“Who can help you reach your goal?”

With all the will in the world there are going to be times when working towards your goal is going to be tough.  We all have set backs but it is knowing who or what you can turn to for inspiration, motivation or for a kick up the back side.  Write these ideas down and tell these people your plans so they know to give you ongoing support.


With all this done display your goal so that you can see it regularly to remind yourself of what you want to achieve;

e.g.      in your wallet,

front of your diary,

as a screensaver on your computer.

Get creative, make it a pleasure to look at - Make it colourful.  Add pictures.


Last but not least;

“How much do you REALLY want to achieve this?”

To be able to achieve your goal you need to know how hungry you are for it. 

Ask yourself, “Out 100%, with 0 being you don’t want it at all and 100 being without a doubt you want to reach your goal”,  75% or above you are likely to reach your goal. 

However, if you have said below 75% what can you do to make that percentage higher?


You are now in a great position in 2011 when someone asks what your New Year Resolution will be with great pride and confidence you will be able to say

“I will be 9 ½ stone when I weigh myself on 31st March 2011.”


This will blow them away.  The betting is they will probably say,

“Oh, well I thought I might try to lose a bit of weight ready for my holidays.”


Which is better yours or theirs?

Definitely Yours


Good luck with your goal setting!


have fun with it!

Stay positive, focused and you will achieve everything you set your mind to.


What is your first step to moving closer to your goal?


Have a fantastic start to 2011



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