Opening The Doors To Your Emotions
Opening The Doors To Your Emotions

Opening The Doors To Your EmotionsIn my last blog post, I talked about how emotions are formed and how we can connect with them. There are always going to be times when our emotions are triggered quite unexpectedly and the only way to manage them is to let them flow. Some people are afraid to allow themselves this emotional freedom because they are frightened that once they have opened the door to them they won’t be able to stop them. As the great British public we are taught to keep a firm grip on our emotions and is a sign of weakness to show how you are really feeling. Other nations are very flamboyant and open with their emotions that seem to flow naturally. The British, on the other hand, often feel very self-conscious with expressing themselves so explicitly.

But why?
It is natural and as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone why not?

It is at times when we are feeling at our most desperate that we need to let our emotions flow to allow ourselves to move forwards to the next phase of our life more easily. It may not feel like it at the time but this overflow of emotions, once allowed to escape will subside.

A question for you: When was the last time you cried? Or even sobbed?

I’m now going to put myself on the line but it’s a weird sensation sobbing don’t you think? But at the end when your body has soothed itself you feel exhausted. A good exhaustion and revitalised.

I recently experienced this and it took me quite by surprise.

After several weeks of non-existent exercise besides walking the dog I made a concerted effort to get out one Sunday morning on my bike to start training for the Women V Cancer 100 k Night Road Ride I had signed up for. I got myself prepared, feeling good as I headed off down the road towards the countryside. Not even two miles from home I could feel a motorist just cruising slowly behind me. After several attempts that came to no fruition of slowing right down and speeded up I finally hopped up onto the curb for them to continue their cruise past with a non-descript glare from the passenger. Once into the countryside my mind was more at ease to wonder.

What was I doing this ride for, for people to treat me like this?

1. Because it’s for a good cause which will hopefully benefit the daughters, wives, sisters, granddaughters and great granddaughters of now and the future.
2. Because this is a challenge and with challenges comes situations that show you what you are really made of. Are you going to give up at the first hurdle or are you going to persist and meet the challenge.

Where are the men in my life to protect me from people like this?

1. My husband is on the golf course
2. My son is on his bike on the top of some big hill in Scotland
3. My Dad… isn’t capable of doing this any longer

Throughout my mind wondering experience, I passed other cyclists with cheery smiles and sullen faced runners who didn’t want to make eye contact. I found myself on a downhill stretch, with my legs unable to pedal any faster to keep up the momentum and the large doors of emotion opened. With the wind bombarding me, being forced in to my eyes and mouth I sobbed. Great big sobs that only the birds and dairy cows could hear as I sped past. A very weird sensation with my body being consumed by forced air and bleary eyes from a mixture of tears and the wind. As I started to pedal hard on the incline and the feelings natural subsided I started to wonder whether I was going to reach the top before I ran out of gears. In the distance I spotted a runner enjoying his downhill stretch. He looked so at ease, with his long socks to go with his long stride and just the way his body moved with the motion he was a natural runner. I was relieved to see this figure heading towards me and as he passed he gave me eye contact, a smile and cheery “Hello”. This runner with the grace of his stride, his cheery smile and "Hello", will never know how much it meant to me. This man gave me the power, the energy and the determination to make sure I got to the top of that hill so I could enjoy the downhill stretch on the other side.

As we go about our daily routines we can be totally unaware of how our actions affect others let alone ourselves, just like my cheery runner, in that fleeting moment of my life. This is why I’m setting a new Facebook challenge.
March was the Facebook A-Z of emotions challenge.

My next challenge to you is to start recognising what emotions you are feeling. Whether you feel they are good or bad, embarrassing or insane, they are all normal. We all feel a huge range but sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint them. May is going to be a Facebook seven day emotional reflection challenge starting on Monday 9th May. This is how it is going to work. On Monday you share one emotion you felt, Tuesday two emotions, Wednesday three emotions and so on until you get to the seven day and seven emotions.

I hope you will join me in this exercise and enjoy being able to express, share and gain more insight into yourself along the way.

If you want to know more about how to manage your feelings then I can help you develop better clarification and understanding giving you more control over how to manage them to live a better, brighter and bigger life. Make the change and be the real you.

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