Happy New Year
Happy New Year

The end of the year is nearly upon us, before you know, it will be New Year’s Eve, the strike of Big Ben and promises for 2015 will be made. Vast amounts of people make wild New Year’s Resolutions claiming they are never going to drink alcohol or eat chocolate again, lose two stone in weight and go to the gym every day of the week. But, guess what, around 80% of these New Year Resolutions are only adhered to for approximately four weeks. Then it all start to become too much like hard work and you will begin to hear people say things like,

“Well, it was only a New Year’s Resolution, nobody follows them through.”Setting your goals to make 2015 a Happy New Year.

May be, but how much do you want to make changes for the next year?

How much do you want to be healthier, fitter, slimmer, wealthier and happier than the year before?

How you manage your New Year’s Resolution has a direct link to how successful you are at sustaining it and reaching your goal.

Why not make next year different?
Spend time thinking about what it is you want to achieve during the year. Don’t fall into the trap of having to start your new regime on the 1st of January when you are most likely be feeling tired from the festivities the night before. Give yourself proper time to think about what it is you REALLY, REALLY want. I hear so many people talking about having to give things up, it doesn’t have to be like that. Instead of this way of thinking take another angle and concentrate on adding more value to your life instead like making something better for you, such as:
• Finding a more fulfilling job
• Having a better social life
• Being healthier
• Developing a new or rejuvenating an old hobby

What should you do.
• Make a list of all the things you would like to be different
• For each thing on your list write down, how you would like them to be and by how much?
• What are the short term benefits if having these changes in your life?
• What are the wider benefits of having these things?
• Which ones from this list are the most realistic to you?
• Now put them in order of importance to you because, realistically you’re not going to be able to work on all of them.

I realise this is a time consuming job but it is well worth giving the time to yourself to go through this process.
What to do next.
Now you have decided your most realistic option you can now start your goal setting process.

Going back to you priority list take your first priority.

Where are you now in this particular part of your life? Use the sliding scale to help you, 0% is nothing and 100% is you have it totally covered and you don’t need to work on it any longer.
0%    ________________________________________________________________________________100%

What have you done already working towards this goal?

How many hours are you spending on this per week?

What would you need to do to help you move closer to your goal?

Writing your goal.
I know it all sounds very long winded but writing your goal down and seeing it in black and white is an important process. It not only makes it feel a lot more real it will help to concentrate your mind in working towards it. To make your goal really great first of all you need to start following the SMART process.
S = Specific
M = Measureable
A = Achievable
R = Realistic
T =Time bound

For example: Imagine it is New Year’s Day, Michelle has weighed herself to day and has decided she wants to lose three stone in weight. If Michelle was to write her goal down it would read like this;

I will be 10 stone in weight on 1st May.

‘I’ is personal

‘Will be’ is positive and purposeful

’10 stone in weight’ is specific and measurable

‘1st May’ is measurable and time bound

Writing in this way means that Michelle has made a formal contract with herself. When she is standing on the scales on 1st May she will know whether she has met her goal.

However, having your SMART goals written down will not be enough to sustain working towards your goal. You also need to have the five ‘P’s’.

• Personal
• Positivity
• Planning
• Purpose
• Persistence...   aswell as a good support network.

My next blog will revolve around setting your small actions, looking at your support next and the barriers that may stop you from reaching your goals, to help you work towards your great goals to make next year your best year yet.

If however, you want to move more quickly with working towards your goals then why not contact me and arrange a free 30 minute exploratory session to find out how I can support you further.

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