Keeping Up With Your New Years Resolution.
Keeping Up With Your New Years Resolution.

Keeping Up With Your New Years Resolution.

So it is now 8 weeks into 2011...

How is it going?

Are you getting results?

Is it going as well as you had hoped?

It is at about this time that striving to reach your goal may have become hard work and perhaps your inner voice has started to convince you that...

Actually you are fine as you are!

You won’t make the goal so you might as well forget it!

It’s too much like hard work, let’s just chill out, eat chocolate and watch the footy!

Is this REALLY what you want?

Or do you want to get back in the driving seat and tell that annoying voice at the back of your head to “pipe down!” and “butt out!”

Then let’s get down to it, but you need to be totally honest with yourself, so get your original goal out and read it through...

Is it really what you want?

How does this goal reflect what you value ?

Does the goal need to be changed?

Does it need more clarity?

What is important to you?

When you reach this goal what sort of difference is it going to make to your life?

What stopped you from reaching this goal?

What didn’t go so well?

What stopped it from being successful?

How could it be done differently next time?

What skills do you already have to help you move closer to your goal?

What skills do other people have that you could adopt?

How much do you want to own this goal?

Name one thing you can do to move closer to your goal?

When will you do this?

What day, at what time? (Be specific and write this down)

If you need to go back to the beginning then why not refer to my blog, “New Year’s Resolutions” and follow the process again.  You could always ask someone you trust to read the questions to you whilst you write all your ideas down...

It’s never too late to start working towards the things you desire.


Just remember,

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.”  A great but unknown quote.

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