Organising The Chaos Of Stress
Organising The Chaos Of Stress

Organising the chaos of stress is a fabulous skill to have but does this come from nature or nurture? 

Organising The Chaos Of Stress

Life can be running along smoothly, everything is under control and your managing life beautifully, organising the little bits of chaos easily one at a time.  Then suddenly, WHAM, something unexpected happens. The feelings of anxiety are starting to creep in.  But, it’s okay, you’re still under control and can work through it.  Then, the little stuff keeps piling up and it feels as if you’re losing the control you had because it feels as if everything is happening at once and you’re starting to feel isolated and alone.  Those small feelings and emotions are starting to rise up through your body, the tears welling in your eyes as the lump in your throat is getting bigger.  Your heart starts to pound and your head throb.  You can feel your emotions starting to run away with you.  Uncontrollable thoughts of not being able to cope and even thoughts of running away are creeping in and the ugly anxiety and stress is taking over your body.

The people who don’t experience these feelings are a rare breed.  If you are the common breed, who goes through periods of anxiety and stress, it’s all about the strategies you are going to put in place so that you can continue effectively rather than going into a major panic.  Rather than have a major outburst in the middle of a meeting or the weekly shop it’s far better to organise your strategies now so you will hopefully remember at least one to kick into action when needed.

Top Tips For Organising The Chaos of Stress

  1. STOP
  • If you’re in the car pull over to a safe place.
  • If walking find a quiet place
  • If at work put your work to one side
  • If in a meeting, suggest a comfort break

Stopping like this will allow you time to re-adjust your thoughts and mind set.  It will give you some space to think.

  • Stand with your feet hip width apart.
  • Stand tall
  • Close your eyes
  • Take some deep breaths, concentrating on filling up your lungs on the inhale and emptying them on the ex-hale.

This will allow you to start calming down those racing emotions and out of control thoughts.  It will give you a different focus and help you take your mind off the immediate stress factor. 

  • What’s really going on?
  • What’s really upsetting you?
  • What is urgent and important? Or rather unimportant and not urgent?
  • What do you want to be thinking and feeling instead?

Stopping, breathing and getting a clear picture of what is really going on with your thoughts and feelings will help you to start reframing ready for setting up a strategy.


  • Plan
  • Who can you delegate some tasks to?
  • Where is your support network?
  • Who can you talk to about these thoughts and feelings?
  • How can you start to adjust your mind set long term?
  • When are you going to start implementing this?

In your head if you have no paper start to plan what you want to do in baby steps.  No one can accomplish everything at the same time.  We only have a limited amount of resources, whether this is money, time, emotions, or energy.  Even though we are told we should be ‘super human’ this is not a realistic view point to take.  Being ‘super human’ is the media’s perspective.  

We are all individual and need individual support in times like these.  If you would like more support to overcome your ugly feelings of anxiety and stress then please contact me to find out the sort of support I can offer you to get back to the normal you and live life happily again.





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  • | Dec 21, 2019

    Hi madc. Stress is different for everyone and like you have experienced the symptoms can change. I hope you can find the right techniques for you and be creative. If you feel that you need to tweek these especially for you then give it a go. Remember that you are you and you need to find your right way.

  • | Jul 19, 2018

    I'm one of those people who goes to pieces in moments of chaos, I can't think straight and everything around me seems to move faster than normal, or Im moving slower lol!! I will try and use these tips in the future.

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