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The Stress of Coming Home for Christmas

The Stress of Coming Home for Christmas   Every Christmas there are a lot of ideals.  The media portraying the perfect Christmas putting pressure on us when in actual fact it can be one of the most stressful times of the year.   So how are your Christm...

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Opening The Doors To Your Emotions

In my last blog post, I talked about how emotions are formed and how we can connect with them. There are always going to be times when our emotions are triggered quite unexpectedly and the only way to manage them is to let them flow. Some people are afraid to allow themselve...

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Parent Child Relationship

Parent Child Relationship Even if you are not a parent we all know the importance of building respectful and trusting relationships with our children.  The reason, so that you can talk to your children about all manner of things, in the hope that they will come to you,...

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Gordon Ramsays Open Letter

My ears suddenly pricked up when I heard on the car radio “Gordon Ramsay’s open letter to his Mother-in-Law”; from accusations of affairs, the sudden sacking of Chris Hutcheson, his Father-in-Law, as the CEO from Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd, now to an open l...

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